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Jowl lift treatment - £47- 45 mins
Full Face treatment - £68 - 1 hour
Course of 6 Jowl lift treatments - £235
Course of 6 Full Face treatments - £340

Radio Frequency Facial Treatment


  • Clinically proven to firm and tighten sagging ageing skin.
  • No Down time,non invasive and pain free.
  • Results often visible after first treatment.
  • Treatment is suitable for all skin colours



What is Radio Frequency ?

We use the latest Tripolar technology which uses RF energy to penetrate the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and matrix where collagen fibres are embedded. This causes an immediate contraction of collagen fibres, and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibreblasts. This produces new collagen and elastin fibres, which tightens the skin layers creating a smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.

What will happen in my treatment ?

A thin layer of gel is applied to the area being treated,then the RF handpiece is moved in circular motions to warm the skin. When the skin reaches the desired temperature it is maintained for 2 -3 minutes per area. Each treatment usually takes 30 – 40 minutes. The gel is removed, protective SPF products are applied and homecare advice is given.

What results can I expect ?

Results of a visable lift are often seen after the first treatment, the skin will feel smoother with a healthy glow. After each session more improvements will be noticed with contours redefined and wrinkles smoothed.

How many treatments will I need ?

A course of 6 - 10 Treatments is usually recommended.